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\\ Cylinder Kit Aluminium Vespa 125 177 Pinasco VNB VBA VBB 150 GL Sprint GT

\\ Cylinder Kit Aluminium Vespa 125 177 Pinasco VNB VBA VBB 150 GL Sprint GT

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Cylinder Kit Aluminium Vespa 125 VNB Pinasco 150 VBA VBB Sprint Super GL GT 2 racking kits Pinasco 177 for Vespa to ports 2 2D, ideal for those who want to give it a little zing to your vehicle. The kit does not require any particular technical knowledge to be mounted and adapts easily to all Vespa from 125 to 150, 3-4 gears without specifi c processes. The technical characteristics of these cylinders are an excellent torque and low energy consumption, the use of high quality cast iron is processed in order to reduce internal friction significantly giving the fluidity, engine reliability and durability. Aluminium with al Nicasil coating gives power and strength Pinasco a unique resistance ensuring superior performance in all schemes. Pinasco cylinder kit for Vespa 2transfer ports cast aluminum the ideal to give your vehicle some verve. These kits do not require technical experience to be installed and can be easily adapted to every Vespa 125 or 150 with 3 or 4 gears without any particular change communications. The technical caratheristic of this cylinder will considerably increase the torque of your vehicle and will reduce the fuel consumption. The material is a very high quality cast iron and it is processed to reduce internal friction giving the engine resistance and reliability.The aluminum with Nicasil coating gives the engine an exceptional strength and a unique resistance offering higher performances in every regime of utilization.