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Electronic \\Accensione PARMAKIT Vespa 50 Variable to Advance Special #ET3//

Electronic \\Accensione PARMAKIT Vespa 50 Variable to Advance Special #ET3//

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Electronic ignition PARMAKIT Vespa 50 with variable advance Special R L N 125 ET3 Spring yellow Kg 1.5 cono19 The latest generation electronic ignition called NEW AGE, replaces the normal original ignition, without any modification to the engine, avoiding losses of shots and tedious adjustments and recordings of traditional needles. The variable advance makes the use of the vehicle much more fluid and enjoyable for sports use. The fan built and developed with the best materials and reinforced with fibers, offers optimum cooling to prevent cylinder from seizing even due to excessive overheating. In case of competition it is possible to reduce the diameter of the same to buy horses, maintaining the cooling properties. The operation of the lights is guaranteed and increased in power, thanks to the connections by carefully follow installation instructions included in the kit. Features:-fan: yellow-Fly: 19-CONE Volanoventola: 1.5 KG-Plate: anodised and developed with special materials to maximum resistance, has reference marks. -Electronic Variation: 7° c (-1°)-With notches aligned with the initial advance will be 25°-coil Sparks: No. 2-the Horn only works with the headlights switched on-equipment: operation stop Switch stator Flywheel Extractor fixing screw Plate voltage regulator fastening Nut Coil Fastom Assembly instructions-recommended curbs threads on the shaft, fastening nut if removed, about 4 screws d. fan flywheel mounting 8.