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\ \ Thermic group Kit DR aluminium 130cc Vespa 125 ET3 Spring//

\ \ Thermic group Kit DR aluminium 130cc Vespa 125 ET3 Spring//

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Kit thermic Assembly DR In Aluminium 130cc Vespa 125 ET3 Spring The Kit is based on an aluminium cylinder with nickel-silicon bore, 57 mm boring, 130cc displacement, characterized from the distribution to 6 lights of transfer and elliptical discharge. The piston is cast in aluminium alloy with high silicon content with 2 segments to ensure maximum sealing even under conditions of use Streme. The head, high-turbulence, has a calculated squish band and the Candle in the conventional position. The strength of this thermal group is in the balance in terms of output power and quality of delivery, which places it halfway between the cast iron base and extreme heat groups for competitions. The new aluminium thermal group Kit represents a further technical and performance evolution for those who want to increase the power of their motor by using a special aluminium alloy for the cylinder which guarantees a high stiffness even at High temperatures that develop during intense use. To obtain a high degree of reliability, the barrel of the cylinder is coated with a co-deposit of nickel and silicon carbide which guarantees very high wear-resistant characteristics. The piston, with a new specific design, is realized with materials that guarantee to maintain unchanged its characteristics both mechanical and of shape even at high temperatures. Piston with high silicon content made with two segments to guarantee greater reliability. In addition, special openings on the mantle guarantee optimum lubrication to the cylinder. The head, with new oversized fins profiles, has been carefully studied to promote cooling and improve combustion.